In Turkey, as in any other country, there is a list of certain documents that every citizen must have in order to carry out official transactions, whether it is opening a bank account, buying real estate or registering property rights. One of these personal identification documents is the taxpayer identification number (TIN). This will be discussed in our article.

What is a tax number in the Republic of Turkey?
The tax number in Turkey (vergi numarası) is a unique ten-digit number that is assigned to every Turkish citizen from the moment of his birth. Foreigners wishing to live in Turkey and use the services of utilities, banks, medical institutions, etc., as well as foreign companies must have a TIN.

When do you need a Turkish tax number?
You will need a Turkish ID number for a variety of transactions. These include:

Registration of a current account in any of the banks in Turkey.
Obtaining a residence permit in Turkey – to pay the state fee.
Registration of subscribers for the provision of utilities.
Payment of all taxes (real estate tax, land ownership tax, etc.).
Re-issuing a driver’s license or obtaining new ones after completing driving courses.
Registration of documents when applying for a job.
Admission to a Turkish educational institution.
Registration of your own business.
For legal entities when they become part of the company’s shareholders.
Obtaining a visa for foreign citizens and those who plan to stay in the territory of the Republic of Turkey for more than 90 days.
Of course, these are not all cases in which you may need an individual tax number in Turkey.

TIN is needed by all companies and institutions, commercial banks to pay wages, withhold taxes and make other mandatory payments. You will also need a tax number in Turkey when concluding various agreements in which the subject of the acquisition is any objects subject to tax (income, goods, different types of property), as well as services, operations, work, etc. That is, all official actions where there is a payment or opening of bank current accounts.

How to get a TIN in Turkey for a foreigner?
It is very easy to issue a Turkish ID number. To do this, you need to contact the tax office (vergi dairesi) of the city and apply for registration. If there is no queue at the tax office, the registration process will take literally 10-15 minutes.

To get a TIN you will need:

original passport;
a copy of your passport, which indicates your address in Turkey, phone number, names of father and mother in Latin.
Immediately after registration, the tax number will be displayed in the databases of all financial institutions and authorities.

Frequently asked Questions
How long is the Turkish tax number valid?
The validity period of an individual tax number in Turkey is not limited. That is, after receiving it, you can use it throughout your life.

What happens if you lose your TIN in Turkey?
If you lose the original TIN certificate, contact the tax office and request a duplicate number.

Do I have to pay for a tax number?
No, there are no fees for registering a TIN in Turkey. The whole procedure is absolutely free for both Turks and foreigners.