About Family Dispensaries – “Sağlık ocağı” in Turkey

In Turkey, a state social program in the field of medicine and health care has been developed and is successfully operating. A wide network of public hospitals, clinics, compulsory life and health insurance of citizens is aimed at comprehensive coverage of the population, at conducting research to improve healthcare and medicine in Turkey.

About family dispensaries – “Sağlık ocağı” in Turkey.

Their functional responsibilities include providing first aid, non-hospital treatment, and providing medical services at home. They are located in every microdistrict, quarter of large cities, in rural areas sometimes they are the only health care institution, sometimes represented by one doctor. Appointments, treatment, tests, issuance of certificates in them are free of charge, according to the circumstances, the medicine can be prescribed at the expense of the state. Moreover, when applying for a job in the public sector, only health certificates issued by public health institutions, including family outpatient clinics – “sağlık ocağı” are accepted for marriage registration.

Non-residents of Turkey, legally residing in the country, can also use the services of family outpatient clinics in full. For examinations, vaccinations, injections, medical documents, foreigners are not charged. It is only necessary to present a residence permit card and register at the nearest family outpatient clinic – “sağlık ocağı”. The presence or absence of compulsory health insurance for foreigners in these hospitals does not matter.