If you are planning to buy real estate in Turkey, then the question of what payment methods exist for this will become relevant for you. Currently, the payment system for residents of Russia is simplified, so it will not be difficult for you. And it will not entail any additional costs or such costs will be minimal.

The Turkish state is not interested in where you got such a large amount of money to buy an apartment or villa. They will not ask for documents to prove your income. It is important to know that payment for housing and registration of its ownership must be carried out on the same day. You submit a paid invoice for real estate to the Cadastral Office, and after that you are given a TAPU – a document confirming your ownership.

How do you usually pay for real estate?

Bank transfer
Instant money transfer systems
Cash payment

International bank transfer. It’s called SWIFT. It is carried out through the bank’s cash desk, some banks provide this service in Internet banking. To make such a transfer, you need to indicate the bank details of the recipient (seller): his account number, full name, Iban code, bank details. If you are a client of the bank from which you are making the transfer, then you can immediately transfer satisfied large amounts, tens of thousands of dollars or euros. Our clients have repeatedly transferred one-time up to 150 thousand in foreign currency. If you are not a client of the sender’s bank, then the maximum amount for sending is limited, in different banks in different ways, but exactly up to 10 thousand in foreign currency. A prerequisite for sending a Swift transfer is to indicate the purpose of the payment. To do this, you will need to provide your contract of purchase and sale for the apartment, the payment for which you want to transfer. The size of the commission for sending in different banks varies and depends on the number of intermediary banks through which the bank transfer will pass. Only the bank itself will give you accurate information about the commission, usually this amount does not exceed 3%. The term of the operation from the moment of sending to the moment of receiving the money is up to 5 working days.

Pros of bank transfer:

– relatively low commission

-Ability to send large amounts one time


– long terms for receiving funds

– many banks find fault with every letter in the contract and demand to remake it

– the bank may refuse to carry out the transfer without specifying the reasons

– sometimes the transfer does not go through and is returned to the sender, and the bank has the right not to indicate the reasons for canceling the operation. And the money is not sent and the commission is charged.

– if during the transfer an error was made in the recipient’s data and it did not go through, or if the bank itself for some reason did not pass the transfer, then the refund also takes several working days.

Instant money transfer systems.

Their mass, Western Union, Uni Stream, Money Gram, Golden Crown, and many others. To send such a transfer, you just need to come to the point of departure (you can find addresses on the official websites) or use a mobile application (for many of the listed systems they have already been developed), specify the Recipient’s Data (Name, surname, phone number, city and country of departure, sometimes data passport) and the amount of the transfer. Money transfers of this kind are carried out almost instantly, within a day at most. But the commission is higher than that of a bank transfer, for different systems from 2 to 5 percent of the transfer amount. The transfer amount is limited. For the same Western Union – this is no more than 4 thousand in foreign currency one-time, and this is the limit for sending from one person within a whole month! More convenient in terms of limits and size of commission are the golden crown, intel express …


– instant send and receive

– there is no need to confirm the purpose of the payment

– convenience of sending

– the received funds are received by the Seller in cash


– higher commission

– restrictions on the amount of sending and receiving

Cash payment.

The more you can pay in cash, the less you overpay for sending funds. When paying in cash, you will definitely receive a receipt, confirmation of payment, because it is absolutely safe. You can bring funds with you and declare them, you can bring with you the maximum allowed amount that is not subject to declaration, you can even send funds with your relatives or friends who go on vacation to our city, we will help you meet them, collect payment and we will provide them with a receipt of receipt of funds.


-no commission for sending

-easy to transfer


– it is not always possible to come and bring money in person or transfer

– it is not always possible to declare funds, and the amount may exceed the maximum allowed for carriage without a declaration