– A residence permit is a document that gives a citizen of a foreign state the right to reside within Turkish borders for a long time. It also allows free movement within Turkish borders, and crossing Turkish borders in any direction.
Grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey:

As a rule, the reasons for obtaining a Turkish residence permit by a foreigner are as follows: An intermediate stage before changing citizenship. The need for a long stay outside the country of permanent residence. Empowerment in the host country.

In Turkey, a residence permit is called ikamet.

As in many other countries, the legislation of the Republic of Turkey provides for two types of residence permit – temporary [Kısa Dönem İkamet İzni] and permanent [Uzun Dönem İkamet İzni].

Temporary residence permit:

It is possible to obtain a short-term Turkish residence permit [Kısa Dönem Іkamet İznі] in the following cases: tourism;

purchase of real estate;

study of the Turkish language, with training in one of the Turkish educational institutions (with the appropriate permission from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Turkey);

obtaining education within the framework of international student exchange programs;

treatment within Turkish borders (in the case when the disease does not pose a danger to public health);

labor, business activity;

if there are relatives who are citizens of Turkey;

humanitarian reasons (refugees, victims of violence, etc.).

Permanent Residence Permit

It is possible to obtain a permanent residence permit [Uzun Dönem İkamet İzni] for citizens who have received a short-term one without interruption for at least eight years [Kısa Dönem Іkamet İzni], and for sixty months spent outside the Turkish borders no more than twelve months in general, and no more than six months during each year.

Rights and obligations of foreigners when obtaining a residence permit in Turkey

A residence permit grants a citizen of a foreign state the right to:

compulsory state health insurance policy from SGK;

purchase of a car or other vehicle, obtaining a Turkish driver’s license;

obtain a loan to purchase services, real estate or goods;

children receiving free primary and secondary education in public schools;

reside within Turkish borders;

obliged to pay taxes.


Residence permit for family members
A family residence permit gives the right to reside within Turkish borders to all citizens of other countries who are married to Turkish citizens. Family residence permit also applies to children of such citizens. It also gives the right to receive free education until the age of 18.
Residence permit when buying real estate

The acquisition of real estate by a foreigner in Turkish territory gives the right to obtain a residence permit. In the case of granting a residence permit due to the purchase of real estate by a foreigner in Turkey, its effect also applies to the next of kin of the property owner (child, husband/wife, father/mother).

Residence permit for pensioners

It is possible to obtain a residence permit for a foreign senior citizen in Turkey on general grounds established by law, but obtaining a temporary residence permit will have one peculiarity. To the general list of documents that are presented for obtaining a residence permit, it will be necessary to attach a certificate from the Turkish Pension Fund, which indicates the payment of a pension.

List of documents for processing a request for a short-term [Kısa Dönem Іkamet İznі] residence permit in Turkey.

a rental agreement, or a certificate of ownership of real estate (TAPU), certified by a notary; a document confirming that a foreign citizen and, if necessary, his family members have the minimum amount for living in Turkey (minimum from 500 USD per month per person);

passport, as well as its copy certified by a notary;

4 photographs (when obtaining a family residence permit – for each of the family members);

for an application for a residence permit for children – a certificate of their birth;

for an application for a residence permit for a spouse – a marriage certificate;

completed application form on the website of the General Directorate for Migration of Turkey [1] [Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü].


Is insurance required for a residence permit in Turkey?
Registration of insurance for a residence permit (permit) in Turkey is regulated by the Law on Aliens and International Protection No. 6458 of April 11, 2013 and the information of the General Directorate of Migration of Turkey Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü


For persons with a temporary residence permit issued for a period shorter than twelve months, it is not necessary to have health insurance.
Insurance from a private Turkish company
To obtain a residence permit, only an insurance policy issued by a Turkish company is suitable. As a rule, such insurance covers 40-60% of the cost of outpatient treatment, and 40-100% of inpatient care, but only in clinics that have entered into an agreement with the insurance company that issued the policy. Insurance from local companies almost never covers dental procedures.
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