Turkey has become not only one of the most popular countries for tourists, but also for foreign investors. Turkish real estate attracts with democratic prices, low taxes and a simplified procedure for purchasing housing. The most profitable type of investment is the purchase of real estate during the construction phase.

The policy of construction companies is such that the cost of square meters in a new building increases along with the floors of the new building. The same living space at the excavation stage can cost 30% less than after putting the house into operation. This opens up broad prospects in terms of earning income, for example, an apartment after completion of construction can be profitably resold or rented out.

Stages of construction of a new building in Turkey:

Selection and purchase of a land plot for the construction of a residential complex.
Topographic survey and geological expertise.
Drafting a project for the construction of a house.
Obtaining a building permit.
Preparation of the building site.
Branch of engineering networks.
Construction of a building according to the project.
Putting the building into operation.
Improvement of the territory around the residential complex.
The developer, by law, has the right to start the sale of apartments, immediately after he receives a permit for the construction of a new building. After receiving this permission, the site is surrounded by a fence and a foundation pit begins to be dug. The acquisition of real estate at this stage is called “purchase at the zero construction cycle” or “purchase at the stage of the excavation.” Construction companies, thanks to the use of new computer technologies and 3D graphics, already at this stage can show how the apartments will look.

Pricing in each individual complex is different. The basic factors for all developers in the price structure are the cost of building materials and construction and installation work.

What are the benefits of buying a property from a developer?
While many people choose to purchase an apartment after construction is complete, those who choose to purchase early on a property will in many cases benefit significantly from their choice. Among them:

Low cost per square meter. The cost of an apartment at the beginning of the construction of the residential complex will be 20-30% lower than after the completion of all work and the commissioning of the building.
Wide range of apartments. Clients who buy real estate at the excavation stage have the privilege of being one of the first to study the offer from the developer and choose an apartment of suitable size and layout from a variety of options. Customers at the stage of building a house can agree with the developer on changes in the project, for example, the transfer of partitions, the arrangement of rooms or the choice of finishing elements. Buyers can also choose the floor they would like to live on, and even the view from the windows.
High speed of construction and commissioning of the facility. Developers in Turkey invest exclusively their own funds in the construction of the residential complex, so they are interested in completing the construction as soon as possible and returning their investments. On average, the construction of a multi-storey residential complex in Turkey from the project stage to delivery takes only 1-2 years.
Excellent quality building materials. Developers in the construction of buildings, from the stage of laying the foundation to finishing the apartments, use high-quality building materials with the use of modern technologies.
Improvement of the territory and creation of the necessary infrastructure. New residential complexes from Turkish construction companies offer everything you need for a comfortable stay: swimming pools, play areas for children, gyms, spa complexes, saunas, hammams, 24-hour security and video surveillance, parking.
Convenient payment system. When investing in real estate, you must pay part of the cost at once, for the rest you can get an installment plan or take out a loan. Most of the construction companies in Turkey provide their buyers with interest-free installments. As for mortgage lending, Turkey has one of the lowest rates for foreigners – 6-8% in dollars and euros.
It should also be noted that Turkish law protects the rights of the buyers themselves. If a buyer buys a home at the stage of building a building, a TAPU is issued for it in the Cadastral Committee. The certificate is a guarantee that the buyer becomes the owner of the living space.

In addition, before the start of construction, Turkish developers set deadlines for all intermediate stages – pouring the foundation, erecting floors, installing the roof, laying out communication networks, carrying out interior finishing work and external finishing of the facade. Each of these stages is monitored and verified by the state commission. For non-compliance with the specified deadlines, the construction company is promised considerable fines.

How to buy real estate at the excavation stage safely?

In order to buy an apartment in Turkey at the excavation stage and at the same time to protect yourself, you should contact a reliable real estate agency. With the help of a specialist, you can bypass all the pitfalls of buying a home at the earliest stage of construction and stay at affordable and at the same time comfortable housing.

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