Getting positive emotions after purchasing any real estate in Turkey through our company FIRST ALANYA does not end with the signing of the relevant documents. Your new apartment or house will require a lot of various little things, in addition to furniture and appliances, without which it is simply impossible to create comfort and appropriate atmosphere. Our company FIRST ALANYA is ready to provide a range of after-sales services for real estate purchased in Turkey. We will do everything necessary so that from the first minute you can say: “I’m at home!” and feel that way. In addition to comprehensive support for the sale and purchase of any real estate located in Turkey, our company FIRST ALANYA is ready to take on the after-sale service of your new apartment or house in any city of this country. We are always ready to become for you not just a reliable partner, but also an assistant, whom you can safely entrust with the solution of all issues:

After sales services include:

consultations on various issues of interest to you;
furnishing of housing and installation of household appliances;
purchase of other necessary goods for the home;
individual design and decoration of apartments;
real estate insurance;
payment of the annual property tax;
payment of utility bills;
transfer from Antalya airport to the place of your purchased property;
renting or purchasing a car;
organization of excursions and tours;
assistance in buying air tickets;
renting out or selling the property you have purchased;
assistance in organizing house cleaning;
informing about the condition of your real estate during your absence;
services for redevelopment and renovation of your property.

FIRST ALANYA after-sales service benefits

After purchasing an apartment or private home ownership in Turkey, you will want to move in and enjoy your vacation as soon as possible. But you will not be able to get maximum pleasure from this right away, because you still need to equip your new home and buy the necessary furniture and equipment, the desired interior items and everything else. All this can be done independently, a little later, but then you will need at least a minimal knowledge of Turkish or English, and not ordinary, colloquial words and phrases, but highly specialized ones. Sellers will have to explain their wishes, point out the points that do not suit: the color of the upholstery, shade of the armrests, etc. Many will need an assistant for this, but this is on condition that there is an opportunity to come on their own and go shopping with him. And if there is no such possibility? And if you want to immediately come to your new home and calmly enjoy your vacation? In such, as well as in other similar situations, our company FIRST ALANYA is ready to provide all the necessary assistance in arranging the property you have purchased in strict accordance with your wishes, as well as in managing an apartment / house during your absence.

We have already helped many of our customers, most of whom have become our regular customers and partners. We are also actively expanding the list of services provided to fully satisfy all your wishes. Join our clients and entrust us with the care of your property in sunny Turkey!