Real estate under construction in Turkey today has become one of the most sought-after investments among foreign buyers. There are several main advantages of buying a home in a new home:
New buildings in Turkey are being built using new construction technologies using modern high-quality materials. Thus, each time, the characteristics of buildings in terms of heat, sound and waterproofing are improving.
Developers in Turkey are closely monitored by the state regarding the strict implementation of all building codes and regulations for anti-seismic construction of buildings.
New residential complexes are equipped with powerful electric generators, which provide uninterrupted power supply in case of emergency shutdown.
Turkish new buildings are rented out with completed repairs and even with kitchen furniture, plumbing fixtures, installed sockets, switches, interior and exterior doors, good communications, etc. This means you do not have to spend additional money on repairs.
On the territory of new buildings, as a rule, there is an internal infrastructure – round-the-clock security, swimming pools, sports and playgrounds, a recreation area, gyms and cafes, parking. Within walking distance of most areas of resort cities in Turkey, there is the entire urban infrastructure.
Neighbors in new houses of approximately the same social status, interests, which significantly affects the level of living comfort.
Buying a home during the construction phase involves the possibility of obtaining an interest-free installment plan from the developer.
By purchasing a property under construction in the early stages of construction, the buyer can save more than 20-30% of the final cost of apartments. The thing is that with each new stage of construction, square meters become more expensive, so it is most profitable to make a purchase at the stage of the foundation pit. After the completion of construction work, you can earn money on resale.
Apartments in Turkish new buildings are well rented.
High liquidity allows the buyer not to worry about the return of the invested funds in full and even higher.
Secondary real estate in Turkey is significantly different from the usual understanding of “secondary housing”, that is, living space in which someone has already lived.
We imagine old houses built about 30-40 years ago, where small apartments that are practically unsuitable for living are located. However, in Turkish resorts, everything is far from the case, and, for example, in Alanya, the development of the coastline started relatively recently. The construction of modern resort real estate began mainly 10-15 years ago. In addition, here the status of “secondary housing” is often acquired by real estate, built just 2 years ago.

It also depends on the quality of construction and the complex itself. It so happens that not new residential complexes have a number of advantages over new buildings in the form of a luxurious garden and adjoining territory, an excellent layout of apartments, along with, for example, outdated building facades. In our practice, we have often encountered situations when such factors became decisive when a buyer chooses a home between objects in the secondary and primary markets. In addition, often buying a secondary property in Turkey is not only a great way to save money, but also the only opportunity to purchase housing in the area where an investor from abroad would like.
Apartments in the secondary market have other advantages:
Low cost, which, as we have already specified, directly depends on the owner’s desire to carry out the sale.
Real estate in Turkey from the owner does not require the cost of buying furniture, household appliances, air conditioners, cosmetic repairs and repairs of communications. However, this is only relevant if the house was built not so long ago.
Apartments purchased on the secondary market can be moved in the very next day after the purchase, as opposed to investing in real estate under construction.
Absence of any risks associated with unfinished construction or problems with documents. Of course, for resort cities in Turkey, such a situation falls into the category of the rarest exceptions, therefore, this factor can only be attributed to the advantages of buying a secondary property over new buildings.
The most comfortable microdistrict. In most resort cities of Turkey, in parallel with the construction of residential buildings, the area is being built up with infrastructure. Depending on how long the area has been built up, it will be filled with infrastructure facilities accordingly. If you want to have any amenities, shops, restaurants, entertainment facilities nearby, you should pay attention to the long-built neighborhoods.
As you can see, both types of real estate have their own significant advantages. Therefore, the final choice to buy a secondary or primary living space will depend only on the preferences and wishes of the buyer.
If an experienced real estate agency acts as your assistant, the acquisition in any case will be liquid and will meet all your wildest hopes and expectations.