The number of buyers of Turkish real estate is growing from year to year. There are many reasons to become an owner of a home in the Republic of Turkey – from the wonderful climate and picturesque sea beaches to the high investment attractiveness of resort property, which is relevant at all times. The current situation in the world leaves its mark on all spheres of human life and activities, and the real estate sales market in Turkey is no exception.

Sales went online
During the coronavirus epidemic, Turkish agencies and developers quickly implemented online real estate sales. This is a new and rather effective way of selling. All stages, from the selection and viewing of apartments to the conclusion of a legitimate purchase and sale transaction, take place remotely.

For its part, so that the real estate market does not finally sink, the government of the Republic of Turkey, and in particular the General Directorate of the Land Registry of Turkey, already on March 18, 2020 announced the release of a new online application Web Tapu, which allows you to carry out the procedure for buying real estate completely remotely. The result of this innovation was not long in coming: literally in the first two weeks after the program was connected, Turkish developers and agents implemented about 30 thousand objects using Web Tapu.

Today, for an investor, even if he is abroad, buying an apartment in Turkey online is as easy as, for example, ordering any purchase through an online store. The most important thing is to correctly approach the choice of a real estate agency or a construction company. However, these rules are valid at any time, not just during the coronavirus pandemic.

I would like to note that the service of buying a home remotely in Turkey is far from a new option, such sales were carried out earlier. However, now they are very popular. For example, in the office of our company Status Property, remote transactions are made regularly and this is one of the reasons why I suggest you take a closer look at how to buy an apartment in a new building online.

Algorithm for buying an apartment on a “remote”
So, now, in order to buy an apartment in Turkey, you do not have to come on a familiarization tour or spend precious time on vacation looking at objects. You just need to open your gadget, go online and start looking for the best property option.

I recommend in advance, especially if you have not previously dealt with such issues, to study the situation in the Turkish real estate market, read forums about life in different cities of Turkey, expert blogs, reviews of the work of agencies, developers. Based on the information received, it will be much easier for you to make the right choice of agency and proceed directly to the selection and online purchase of an apartment in Turkey.

Stage 1: Acquaintance
The first thing to do, after you have entered the website of the real estate agency, is to contact one of the managers of the company, leaving your contact information (phone, e-mail). To find a suitable online real estate, you will need to clarify the purpose of buying a home and its type, financial capabilities, whether you need an installment plan or mortgage lending, whether you are interested in finished property or housing during the construction phase.

Stage 2: Selecting and Viewing Objects Online
The manager assigned to the buyer makes a selection of apartments based on the voiced wishes and sends you all the information about the objects, including descriptions, photos and videos. If this data is not enough for selection, you can use an additional option – online display.

Online viewing means a trip of a company manager to selected objects and their demonstration in real time using instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Telegram. You can be in any convenient place in your country – at home, in the office or on a walk. The main thing is to have a phone with you.

Online screening is a completely free service and does not bind you to anything. At the same time, you get an excellent opportunity to consider housing, and get answers to all questions regarding the object. The option is relevant not only for experienced buyers who have already been to Turkey and popular resorts of the country, know many areas, are guided by the market, but also for those investors who are ready to invest in last minute offers, projects under construction, but do not have the opportunity to quickly come to sightseeing trip.

By the way, in addition to directly viewing the apartments, you can also ask the manager to conduct a small informative tour of the area for you and see the infrastructure with your own eyes, find out the distance to the sea, feel the atmosphere of the resort.

I will add that in many respects the decision to buy an apartment online depends on the real estate agency – how competently and correctly the virtual display is organized, there is trust and openness in communication.

Stage 3: Drafting a contract and discussing payment methods
So, you have decided on a residential complex, an apartment, its location, layout, furnishings, infrastructure. Now you can proceed to the next stage – contract preparation and payment.

To buy an apartment in Turkey remotely, a sales contract is drawn up in triplicate in two languages ​​- Russian and Turkish. It contains all the information about the participants in the transaction, the object, the terms of payments, the obligations of the parties and penalties in case of their violation. To conclude a contract on your part, it is enough to have a passport. The document is signed by the seller, the buyer and the real estate agency, which is the guarantor of the legality of the transaction.

The contract, after certification by all parties, is sent electronically to the buyer and seller. This is an official document with legal force. In the Republic of Turkey, the state ensures full transparency and legality of all real estate transactions.

Buying real estate online in Turkey involves making a deposit for booking accommodation. The amount of the deposit is agreed with each buyer separately, but as a rule it is about 5-10% of the total cost. You can make a full payment in any convenient currency – dollars, euros or Turkish lira. Some Turkish developers are ready to accept even Russian rubles. However, the most popular currency, especially in Alanya, is the euro. Payment is made, as a rule, by bank payment, from the buyer’s card to the seller’s card.

Stage 4: Coordination of the date of arrival for paperwork
We pass to the final stage, at which you have to decide on the date of arrival in Turkey in order to draw up a title deed in your name. TAPU is issued in the Cadastral Chamber at the location of the property.

By the way, if you do not have the opportunity to come and receive the TAPU on your own, the document can be drawn up by power of attorney. It is very easy to get it: for this you need to contact the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in your country.

What to look for when buying overseas property via the Internet
Despite the fact that online buying is a simple and safe procedure for acquiring property in Turkey, I recommend that you pay attention to several important points before making a purchase.

If you want to buy an apartment in a new building online, study and ask the manager about the dynamics of the construction of a development company, previous experience, implemented projects. Here it is important to understand how ready the developer is to fulfill his obligations to investors, regardless of any difficulties that arise.

Of course, long-term construction and construction suspended for an indefinite period is a fairly common problem for many countries of the post-Soviet space, and buyers’ fears are fully justified. However, there are no projects frozen by construction companies in the real estate market of Alanya, all residential complexes are being built within the terms stated by the developer. Therefore, investors from abroad, realizing all the advantages, begin to acquire housing at the stage of the excavation.

The second important point is the concept of a residential complex. After all, when buying real estate in Turkey, you first of all want to get the maximum comfort from living, which means a developed infrastructure, a well-thought-out ecosystem, security without compromise. When choosing an apartment, I advise you to carefully study all the amenities offered by the developer.

When buying an apartment in Turkey remotely, pay attention to the correctness of paperwork, their compliance with legal requirements, especially everything related to the seller’s obligations and the transfer of the object to the buyer. In the case of purchasing housing abroad, it is rather difficult to foresee such nuances on your own. Therefore, it is important to choose an experienced licensed real estate agency with competent professionals. With this support, you will not have to worry about any legal and financial issues.

Buying housing online in Turkey is safe and profitable more than realistic – it has been tested on the experience of our company’s clients. If you have any questions or are ready to start choosing an apartment in Alanya, please contact the real estate agency FIRST ALANYA. We will be happy to help you!