Aidat in Turkish means making a monthly fee for the maintenance of a residential complex. Even if you do not reside permanently in your Turkish apartment, you will have to pay the idat throughout the year. This monetary contribution is governed by Turkish condominium law, where the amount is determined by a meeting of all owners and a collective decision.

As a rule, the total amount payable monthly includes the following components:

Maintenance of the infrastructure used by residents – saunas, hammams, gyms, swimming pools, etc.
Payment for the work of the caretaker or kapydzhi.
Security (work of security guards, technicians – CCTV cameras, consoles).
Gardener services.
Cleaning of the area around the house, entrances, halls.
Uninterrupted operation of lighting on the territory.
Elevator service.
Maintenance of playgrounds.

The list of selected services completely depends on the homeowners and the wider it is, the more, respectively, the total amount for each of the tenants will be.

Housing costs in Turkey – who pays for what

Of course, most of the costs are the payment of wages to the maintenance personnel who perform the assigned tasks on the territory of the residential complex. If this is a small house, then it can be served as a whole by one person – kapyji. His duties include control over admission to the territory, cleanliness in entrances and on sites, proper operation of the pool and elevator, watering the green zone, and so on. The residents themselves, in case of any problems around the house, can always contact the manager and ask for help.

Of course, if we are talking about large residential complexes in Turkey, here one kapıcı cannot cope with everything. As practice shows, tenants employ several service personnel. Concierge, gardener, security guard, cleaner, driver and even an animator for children are the most in-demand staff among foreign owners of Turkish real estate.

The second cost item is related to infrastructure facilities on the territory of an apartment building. Lighting, heating and purification of water in pools, heating of a Turkish bath, maintenance of gyms, bowling and other useful institutions in the residential complex require payment. Quite justifiably, the amount of aidat is increasing, since you have to pay for the luxurious infrastructure, the opportunity to have a good time without leaving the territory of the complex, and this should be taken into account in advance when choosing an apartment in Turkey. Garbage collection is an additional cost.

Many foreigners ask themselves the question: why pay aidat if there are periods when most owners leave their apartments? To figure it out, you just have to imagine what will happen to your house if you leave it unattended, for example, in winter. Not only landscaping on the site will become abandoned, but also the covering of the pool, areas. This means that in the spring, in order to restore all this, you will have to invest much more funds than the standard monthly payments for aidat. And even without security, the entrance to the territory will be essentially free, which is not very good.

Arriving at his apartment during the low season, the owner will not only face the abandoned territory, but will also not be able to use all public facilities, since they will be closed.

Most foreign apartment owners in Turkey understand this and appreciate the amenities that the developer has provided them. They are willing to pay aidat to be able to enjoy the entire infrastructure at any convenient time.

In addition to monthly maintenance costs, the owners pay utility bills – electricity, gas, water.

Monthly fee for Aydat – calculation of expenses and management

How is Aydat calculated for each of the owners? All property owners are directly involved in the management of the apartment building. By general decision, meetings of residents are organized, where the most important issues are discussed.

According to generally accepted rules, information about such meetings is posted on an information board at the entrance and / or sent to the owners by e-mail. If one of the tenants cannot be present, he can transfer his powers to relatives or another person, neighbors.

Decisions are made through a roll-call vote. One and the same issue can be resolved during two meetings, if at the first, for example, there were less than half of the apartment owners. When meeting for the second time, the number of participants will no longer matter for making a final decision.

The cost of Aydat and such key points as the choice of personnel to manage the house, collecting money and calculating costs can only be determined at the meeting of the owners. If the house is small and many tenants live permanently, which is not uncommon for the popular resort cities of Turkey today, one of the enterprising owners often takes on the responsibility of managing it.

If this is a large modern residential complex where foreign citizens become buyers of real estate, the most optimal solution is to hire a special service company, which has all the necessary specialists on its staff. On the one hand, this increases costs, and on the other hand, it simplifies life and minimizes the time spent for residents.

In turn, the service company reports at the meeting how much and where the funds were spent. Based on the results of the company’s report, a decision is made on the options of the aydat for the next annual period, the minutes of the meeting are drawn up and signed.

Aydat is the same for all residents of the house and is an important contribution to the maintenance of the complex, which will allow you to enjoy all the delights of living in the resorts of Turkey.

What will happen if you do not pay for the idat on time?
The work of the manager, security and other service personnel depends on the payment of the idat. Without a salary, they will not be able to fulfill their duties, which means that in a short period of time the complex without maintenance, lighting of the territory, purification of water in the pool will come to a state of abandonment.

According to the law, if the owner does not pay for the maintenance of the house for several months, the service company can turn to a lawyer and file a lawsuit. However, such situations are extremely rare, since most foreign citizens want to live in well-kept residential complexes with excellent working infrastructure.

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